2020 Scholarship Recipients

The Woodbridge Woman’s Club has selected the following five recipients for scholarships this year, each academically talented and civic minded. We wish them all well in their educational careers and beyond.

Briana Guevara

Briana Guevara is a graduate of Hylton High School. She is the daughter of immigrants and is very proud of her Mexican/Guatemalan heritage. Briana will be the first woman of her family to attend college. She plans to study Political Science at the University of Virginia.

Meghan Bhakta

Meghan Bhakta is a graduate of Colgan High School. Her mother is the lone supporter of Meghan and her younger sister. She was born in Alaska and moved here before high school. Meghan has worked with Special Olympics and with Colgan’s “Fin Friends,” which assists students with special needs, and works with the deaf. Meghan plans to study medicine at the University of Pittsburgh.

Anna Mihalovich

Anna Mihalovich is a graduate of Hylton High School. She is one of seven children; two brothers are already in college. She plans to study at Old Dominion University.

Najarie Williams

Najarie Williams is a Hylton High School graduate. Her mother is the single provider for Najarie and her two younger sisters. Najarie plans to study engineering at the University of Virginia. She wants to encourage more African American girls to enter the STEM program in high school, after being the only one in her class. She hopes to develop a gun that will fire only
with fingerprint access. This may prevent needless killings.

Sadara Funches

Sadara Funches graduated from Potomac High School. She plans to study fire science and pursue a career as a firefighter and arson investigator, a major she can only attain out of state. She will attend the University of New Haven in Connecticut. She has also been in the marching band in high school, and she hopes to join the university band.