Get Involved in a WWC Club Project!

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Donation Cards

We now have a generic “Thank You/Donation Card” to use whenever donating. You present one card along with the donation from you and the Woodbridge Woman’s Club in appreciation for all they do. There are four cards to a page to print out. Click here for a pdf you can print yourself!


Bags to Benches

WWC members are asked to collect plastic bags along with other plastic items and donate them to Patriot Scuba, who arranges the bags to be recycled into Trex. This is a product used to make decking materials and benches. A WWC donation card must be attached to each delivery that you give to patriot scuba (see column to the left). Please report how many bags you donate to Marty Seers, for our annual report by emailing her at Patriot Scuba is located in Occoquan, Va. A flyer with additional information is attached to the newsletter. Lets help keep our community clean of plastic bags and plastic wrappers.


As we continue becoming involved in community engagement and outreach, just a reminder to please support our medical and healthcare workers, first responders and essential workers during this extraordinarily difficult time. A little “Support” and “Thank You!” goes a long way and is greatly appreciated by these dedicated, hardworking individuals. We have had several club members participate and become involved in the community outreach projects by thanking local Fire and Rescue/First Responders with homemade goodies and thank you cards. THANK YOU!

Also please remember to “document” your donation with an email to Jo Petty, telling what you donated, the date and who/where you donated. You can also call her (she’s in the directory).

Furry Friends

Helping the animals stay warm and cuddly, whether at the vets or in the shelter, is another way we can “reach out in the community.” A knitted, crocheted, stitched, or no sew blanket, any size, can be used for an animal to curl up in while recovering from a surgical procedure at the veterinarian’s office or to keep warm while waiting to be adopted at the shelter. You can also check with your vet to see if they can use towels as well. Many veterinarian offices will take pet food and medication(s) your animal no longer uses or needs. THANK YOU to those who have already done so!

Fellowship House Project

This month gift card donations to CVS are donated to the Woodbridge Fellowship House residents. Anyone wishing to donate anything to Fellowship House is reminded there is a buzzer in the foyer to use and someone will then come and take your donation. No need to go inside. THANK YOU to the members who have already donated a gift card or other donation to Fellowship House!

ACTS Food Pantry

This month the club is again donating $500 to the ACTS Food Pantry as we continue “community outreach and engagement. BOGO (Buy One Get One) is the perfect way for members to add to the Food Pantry. Whenever you are shopping and there is a BOGO offer, take advantage of this and donate the “get one” to ACTS or your place of choice! A wonderful outreach that will truly be appreciated. Remember to email Jo, about your donation.


Another way to “reach out in the community” is BOGO (Buy One Get One). Whenever you are shopping and there is a BOGO offer, take advantage of this and donate the “get one”. Even if it is an extra that you do not need at the time, the person in front or behind you in the checkout may need that “extra” and genuinely appreciate your kindness! There are many ways/places to donate that BOGO extra! A wonderful outreach that will truly be appreciated.

Beehive Project/Heifer Donations

THANK YOU to the members who have donated a Beehive! Members are welcome to support or donate to any Heifer project, not just a Beehive. If you donate, please use the GFWC website . By using this website, our club and the GFWC Northern District will get credit for your donation. Please email Jo, at if you have donated a Beehive or any other type of Heifer donation.

First Responders

Many members have already reached out in the community and donated goodies, gift cards, etc. to your local first responders. This month the Club will be donating $100 each to five area Fire and Rescue Departments as a THANK YOU, with more similar donations planned in the future. Remember, if you have donated, just drop a quick email to Jo, about your donation.


WWC Virtual Book Club

We will meet on ZOOM at 1:00 Friday, April 16. We talk about the books we have been reading. A good way to find something new to read. If you are interested in joining us please contact Pat White for the link to our meeting.

Just a note of history, the WWC had a small book club in 2010 – 2015. Members met for lunch and book discussions. In the early years of the WWC, the favorite pastime of club members was Bridge.

Inspiring Women in PWC

Ladies, do you know a woman from PWC who inspires others through either her willingness to step forward, or by her contributions behind the scenes? Perhaps someone who volunteers at a food bank, or helps runaways, or someone who worked herself from poverty to self-employed entrepreneur. We’d like to honor such women in our community on our website. If someone comes to mind, please consider submitting a ONE paragraph write -up (not a life history) and a photo.
Please GET HER PERMISSION first! Send your submission to Rosemarie Fitzsimmons at
Thanks for your help!