Get Involved in a WWC Club Project!

Volunteers Make a Difference!

Donation Cards

We now have a generic “Thank You/Donation Card” to use whenever donating. You present one card along with the donation from you and the Woodbridge Woman’s Club in appreciation for all they do. There are four cards to a page to print out. Click here for a pdf you can print yourself!


Bags to Benches

During the month of April eleven (11) bags of plastic bags were
taken to Patriot Scuba. This brings a total of 51 bags of plastics
our members have donated. The plastic bags and wraps will be recyled into composite decking, railings, and benches. Patriot Scuba is located in Occoquan at 305 Mill St., Unit B-1. Look for bins and signage near store entrance and drop off collected plastics and wraps. If you have questions regarding acceptable plastics to drop off give them a call @703-490-1175.


As we take a short break for the summer, please continue to be an active part of Civic Engagement and Outreach. Our projects continue to move forward! THANK YOU for being involved and “reaching out” in the community and making a difference! Remember to email me, with any donations you make while we are on summer break.

Fellowship House Project

This month gift card donations to Walmart are being donated to the Woodbridge Fellowship House residents. The bus is again working to take the residents. We have two more gift card
donations we will be making to the residents in June and July. THANK YOU to the members who have already donated a gift card or other donation to Fellowship House!

Sentara ICU

This month we are sending fruit baskets to the ICU department at Sentara. These hard workers sometimes get overlooked; therefore, the club will deliver a fruit basket to both ICU shifts in appreciation for all they do daily. A wonderful community outreach and THANK YOU.

ACTS Food Pantry

May and June the club will again donate $500 to the ACTS Food Pantry as we continue “community outreach and engagement”. A wonderful outreach that is greatly appreciated. Remember to email Jo, with any donation you may have made as well.

Beehive Project/Heifer Donations

THANK YOU to the members who have donated a Beehive! Members are welcome to support or donate to any Heifer project, not just a Beehive. If you donate, please use the GFWC website . By using this website, our club and the GFWC Northern District will get credit for your donation. Please email Jo, at if you have donated a Beehive or any other type of Heifer donation.

Inspiring Women in PWC

Ladies, do you know a woman from PWC who inspires others through either her willingness to step forward, or by her contributions behind the scenes? Perhaps someone who volunteers at a food bank, or helps runaways, or someone who worked herself from poverty to self-employed entrepreneur. We’d like to honor such women in our community on our website. If someone comes to mind, please consider submitting a ONE paragraph write -up (not a life history) and a photo.
Please GET HER PERMISSION first! Send your submission to Rosemarie Fitzsimmons at
Thanks for your help!