Woodbridge Woman’s Club History

Our Woodbridge Woman’s Club was founded March 15,1965 by 35 ladies who wanted to provide service to the community. The Club became a GFWC Federated Club on April 6, 1965, was incorporated May 11, 1983, and attained 501 c 3 Status on November 2, 2009.

Our Club 55 year anniversary slipped passed us and we were unable to celebrate due to the national pandemic of 2020 halting social gatherings. The Club has experienced many ups and downs over the years in membership, funding, as well as successful and not so successful projects, but continues to move forward and prepare for any communit needs it perceives in the comming year. 

Since 1965, the Club has awarded more than 179 scholarships to local college-bound high school students totaling more than $149,750.00.

We are among some of the oldest GFWC Clubs but we are nowhere near the oldest. One GFWC Club in Wisconsin recently celebrated its 135th year.

Our Club membership included a GFWC Diamond Pin club member, Frances Tyrrell our 2nd club president, who served actively for 50 years. The club also hosts a current 46-year active member, Kathleen Harding and a 28-year active member Alice Gardiner.

As historian club member Pat White is keeping a record of how our club is operating and changing through the pandemic to include in our history. The Covid pandemic pushed us all to new levels in assessing how to keep our club going and remain productive in an environment where we social distance, wear masks and can’t meet. Through all this we are learning along with many other clubs on how to do things virtually.

We established virtual meetings for our Board during the pandemic, but have resumed our regular meeting schedule.

Since we cannot reach out to our community, our current projects are on hold, our Club has decided to use this time to realign programs and projects in accordance with the new GFWC Community Service Programs (CSP) guidelines. We have established a committee to redesign our fund raising and club activities around the new guidelines. We are looking forward to a great future for our Club.

The club is also looking at ways we can add some kinds of activities during the zoom General meetings.

Let’s build something together.