Founded in 1965, the Woodbridge Woman’s Club (WWC) is a women’s volunteer organization dedicated to community service that is focused primarily on the needs of women and children.

The mission of the Woodbridge Woman’s Club is to promote the welfare of the community by sponsoring and supporting educational and environmental programs throughout the community, undertaking actions and volunteer programs to create a better quality of life in the community, and providing annual scholarships for regional college-bound students.

WWC is one of 21 clubs in the Northern District General Federation of Women’s Clubs of  Virginia . . .


. . . which is one of eight districts in the Virginia General Federation of Women’s Clubs . . .


. . . and WWC joins with hundreds of women’s clubs across the country under the National General Federation of Women’s Clubs umbrella.

Our GFWC Emblem depicts a circular band signifying eternity. In the center of the circular band, the crusader’s shield emerges from a darkened world (represented by the field of darkness), which represents enlightenment. The enameled colors—red, white, and blue—are the colors of the United States of America. The red implies courage, the white equals purity, and the blue stands for constancy.

As you look through our site, we hope you are inspired by what you read and want to become active in a Woman’s Club in your region. If you’re in Eastern Prince William County, connect with us at woodbridgewomansclub@gmail.com.