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March 2018

Text Box: Woodbridge Woman’s Club

Phyllis Zimmerman

Vice President
Cheryl Brunner

Kathy McNeely


Community Service 

Arts Chairperson

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Sylvia Hoffmeier

Home Life Chairperson
Jo Petty

Rosemarie Fitzsimmons

Fundraising Chairperson
Lucy Williams

Membership Chairperson
Karen Cavanaugh

Rosemarie Fitzsimmons

 Newsletter & Website
BJ Grey
Club Courtesy Chairperson
Marti Seers

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Mary Ann Nolton

Pat White
Speaker Program
Cheryl Brunner

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Chloellen Miller
Text Box: Club Meeting Dates and Programs
General Meetings 
September 18, 2017 (Monday) Annual Membership Tea 1:00 pm PWAR Bldg. 
October 16, 2017 (Monday) Speaker 1:00 pm PWAR Bldg.
November 4, 2017 (Saturday) Annual Fashion Show/Luncheon 11:30 am at Montclair Country Club
December 11, 2017 (Monday) Holiday Luncheon/Meeting Location:   TBD  11:30 am
 January 22, 2018 (Monday) Speaker 1:00 pm   
(Note:  4th Monday) PWAR Bldg.
 February 26, 2018 (Monday) Speaker 1:00 pm (Note:  4th Monday)  PWAR Bldg.
March 12, 2018(Monday) Planning Meeting 1:00 pm All Members are welcome PWAR Bldg.
 March 19, 2018(Monday) Speaker 1:00 pm PWAR Bldg.
 April 16, 2018 (Monday) Speaker 1:00pm PWAR Bldg.
May 14, 2018 (Monday) Fashion Show Steering Committee Meeting 1:00 pm
 May 21, 2018 (Monday) Scholarship Winners-Parent/Luncheon 11:30 am PWAR Bldg.

Northern District Fall Meeting       September 2017
Northern District Spring Meeting    March 2018

Club Board Member Meeting Dates
2017 -  2018
August 28, 2017           Monday  1:00
October 2, 2017            Monday  1:00
November 6, 2017        Monday  1:00
December 4, 2017         Monday  1:00
January 8, 2018             Monday  1:00
February 5, 2018           Monday  1:00
March 5, 2018               Monday  1:00
April 9, 2018                 Monday  1:00
May 7, 2018                  Monday  1:00

General/Board Meetings, unless otherwise  noted:  PWAR BLDG (Realtor Association of Pr. Wm) 4545 Daisy Reid Avenue, Suite 150
Woodbridge, VA 22192  Phone:  703-565-0033

Mailing Address:
Woodbridge Woman's Club
 P.O. Box 1582 Woodbridge, VA 22193
Email :
Woodbridge Woman’s Club on Facebook: 
GFWC Headquarters:


Service and Friendship








Scholarship  packets have been delivered to the 6 schools in Eastern Prince William County.  

Our High schools are definitely very secure!

The nurse at Kilby sent thanks for the children's clothing that had been delivered.   They seem to have an ongoing need for  them. Long  pants with elastic waist bands, underwear, t shirts and long sleeved shirts and sweaters, back packs.    I will have a collection basket at the next meeting if you want to donate any items.   

Kilby has their book fair coming up in from  April 9-13th.  They could use help during the day and in the evening on Thursday the  12th.  In help I mean  as the classes come in during the day , sometimes  children can be helped find  books  they might like.     

Thank you for your ongoing donations of small change  and Box Tops.


Sylvia Hoffmeier




As winter thankfully draws to a close we are reminded of a new season and our commitment to our Woodbridge Woman's Club!  If you haven't done so already, there is still time to volunteer in any of our successful programs aimed at giving back to our community of Woodbridge!  Also, it is never too late to invite a friend to come to one of our meetings with the hope of becoming a new member.  Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to follow up with information to help educate that new person as to our mission.  Remember our club motto "Service and Friendship" and thank you to all who serve so loyally!  Looking forward to seeing you at our 19 March 2018 meeting!


Karen Cavanaugh



General Meeting: March 19, 1:00. 

Planning for next year

People responsible for refreshments are: Avis Bracey, Joan Cmar, Carolyn Daly, Sharlene Dailey, Binkie Gibson, BJ Grey, Carol Hall 

Decorations- Rosemarie Fitzsimmons, Sylvia Hoffmeier

From the President’s Pen   MC900441726[1]

Spring is just a few short days away.  Just like our gardens, we need to breathe some new life into our club activities.  We will be discussing new ideas at our meeting on March 19.  I'm sure we will continue giving scholarships to students.  Last year we talked about giving a scholarship to a victim of domestic violence or a homeless woman.  How can we accomplish this?  The pillows and hats are popular projects.  We may need more money and volunteers to make them.  What new project can we start to help the community?  Maybe a new fundraiser?  All ideas are welcome.


Now for a bit of trivia.  The first documentation of the legend of the Easter Bunny dates to the 1500s.  By the 1700s these people were immigrating to the Americas and brought their deeply routed traditions with them.  Who were they?

Fashion Show

The 2018 WWC Fashion Show will be on October 27th at Old Hickory Club and we are going to have a meeting on Tuesday, March 13th at 1:00 pm at SECURCORP located at 1529 Old Bridge Rd, Suite #102 and would like all interested parties to attend. 


We need are currently seeking out members to assist in the following areas:

ADS                          Decorations                            Tickets

Greeters                    Program Book                        Raffle Baskets

Registration               Silent Auction                         Theme

Models                       Door Prizes

Everyone's ideas are welcomed to make the Fashion Show the best of 2018, if you cannot attend the meeting, please send your ideas by email.






 Please bring to General Meetings:                 

Toiletries, Cell phones, food for backpacks –  Jo Petty

Loose change for Education     - Sylvia Hoffmeier

BOXTOPS for Education - Sylvia Hoffmeier