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WWC Club flower - Red Rose


WWC Club colors - Blue and Gold


WWC Club motto - Service and Friendship

WWC Club song - America The Beautiful


The Woodbridge Woman's Club (WWC) is a member of the General Federation of Women's Clubs, the GFWC of Virginia,  and the GFWC Northern District.



The purpose of this non-profit organization shall be that through volunteering, members provide service to the community, have an opportunity to develop skills, exchange ideas and form life long friendships.  Any woman interested in the purpose for which the club is organized shall be eligible for membership.


Date Organized - March 15, 1965


Date Federated - April 6, 1965


Date Incorporated - May 11, 1983


Date 501 (c)(3) status approved November 2, 2009


Founded in 1965 the Woodbridge Woman’s Club is a nonpartisan, nondenominational woman’s volunteer service organization dedicated to community service.  As a 501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization your contributions/donations to the Woodbridge Woman’s Club are tax deductible under the US Tax Laws.


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Membership in the Woodbridge Woman’s Club

Becoming a GFWC member means joining a local GFWC club where more than 125,000 members are actively engaged in volunteer community service  in approximately 4,000 clubs across the globe.

Membership provides opportunities to develop leadership skills, exchange ideas, and form lifelong friendships.


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